Mannequin People

by GaKnew Roxwel

Released 2008
Released 2008
The Mannequin comes to life in this self-produced debut album. GaKnew chips away at stagnating cycles and puts progress in motion. If you're a fan of meaningful lyrics and soul-sample production, this album is a must have. It's reminiscent of the golden era.
Music critic Patrick Taylor says, “ Think "Moment of Clarity" but with more soulful production, and you are approaching where GaKnew is coming from”… “He draws upon the mastery of language essential in good poetry to create rhymes that are layered, complex, and a step above your average rapper.” … “A lot of blood, sweat, and tears went into making "Mannequin People," and it shows." ... " His positive but real approach is a welcome contrast to rappers who glamorize life on the streets, either intentionally or unintentionally. There are a lot of rappers spitting tales from the hood, but not that many offering solutions or analysis of how to make things better. GaKnew does this without sounding preachy or corny, which is no small feat.”

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